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The Limitless Way...

Limitless Sports specialises in high quality sports sessions for nursery children. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced people. Our sessions are based on our own company sporting curriculum which are progressive and tailored to suit the needs of every single child.

Below are some of the basic and standard elements you can expect in a Limitless session;

•Motor skills – ensuring children are able to interlink basic skills from PE into every day tasks such as fine motor abilities (washing hands, brushing teeth).

•Fun & games – we pride ourselves in ensuring we give the children fun & challenging games to look forward to! Putting a smile on children's faces is important to us.

•Independence – ensuring children are given tasks and activities to improve their independence, our sessions aim to give children the opportunity to figure things out with minimal prompting unless needed.

•Problem solving – we like to challenge children to try and solve different problems big or small. We believe this is an integral part of child development at an early age.

•Confidence boosting – constant praise and acknowledgement for children keeps them motivated to try harder and improve at sports and games.

•Incentives – we believe that rewarding children for their hard work and efforts is essential, this is why we have special certificate given to a star of the week each week, also every child receiving a certificate at the end of a block is what we like to offer.

•Social improvement – activities which include social interaction with children are important in contribution to fine development for a child.

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